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    On Friday and Saturday evenings, the high tea salon Fancy Nance, located just around the corner of The Olsen, will be transformed into the Zumbo Dessert Bar, featuring a rotating line up of Melbourne DJs, a cocktail menu and a soft serve machine – part dessert, part disco.

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By Natalie Claire King
1st February 2016

Those with a sweet tooth can choose between a three or five course set menu, or for a more casual evening, select a dessert or two from the a la carte offering. 

The menu has been created by Zumbo and Fancy Nance Head Chef Daniel Texter, where punters can expect the unexpected. While the three course menu is full of familiar, confident flavours, the five course menu lends itself to a more experimental and playful palette infused with herbs and vegetables. 

Chefs Adriano Zumbo and Daniel Texter.

A popular among daring patrons is the thyme ice-cream with a smooth, mild and zesty taste, as well as the ever enticing milk, milk, milk and figs. Texter explains this as three different types of milk, where one is a milk crumble, one a burnt milk ice-cream, and another a caramelised milk skin with figs marinated in chocolate. 

Texter says he gets his ideas for each delectable creation when discovering new products and thinking about innovative ways to inject them into his desserts.

“I like to discover new things as well, new flavours, things I haven’t seen before. I like Australian products, because I’m from Germany, so it’s interesting for me.”

And when asked if it’s taboo to have dessert before dinner, Texter assures us it isn’t.

“No, not at all. It’s the same as our high tea. We serve sweets first and then savoury at the end.”

Make a booking now at Zumbo's Dessert Bar. Extend your experience and book a sleepover at The Olsen.

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