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The Olsen Melbourne

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The Olsen Melbourne

Dr John Olsen

Artist John Olsen working on a large painting

"Late John Olsen who redefined the Australian landscape."

John Olsen, born in Newcastle, New South Wales, in 1928, emerged as one of Australia’s foremost artists after his early education at the Desiderius Orban Art School and Julian Ashton’s school of art under John Passmore.

During his years abroad from 1956-1960, Olsen's journey took him through England, Paris, Portugal, Spain, Majorca, and later to Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, and America. His notable commission in 1970 from the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation led to a striking mural at the Sydney Opera House, inspired by Kenneth Slessor’s ‘Salute to five Bells’. Throughout his extensive travels across Australia, Olsen infused his landscapes with spiritual and mystical insights.

Transitioning from abstract works of the late 1950s to figurative forms in the 1960s, Olsen's brushwork danced across canvases, reshaping the Australian scene by offering aerial perspectives, a departure from traditional ground-level views. His landscapes, devoid of horizons, revealed meandering rivers and billabongs, portraying regions like the Kimberley, Lake Eyre, and Coorong National Park with sensitivity and commitment to environmental nuances.

Inspired by Mediterranean culture, artists of the past, and Oriental philosophy, Olsen's oeuvre expanded across various media including tapestry, ceramics, oils, watercolours, and gouache. Notable portfolios like Lake Eyre and the Desert Sea and collaborations with master print-makers underscore his influence on Australian print-making.

His accolades include the Wynne Prize in 1969 and 1985, the Sulman Prize in 1989, and the Archibald Prize in 2005. Honours such as the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1977 and the Order of Australia (AO) in 2001 commend his service to the arts. Today, Olsen’s work is celebrated in national and state galleries, private collections, and corporate holdings across Australia.

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A green and blue abstract painting
A painting of abstract shapes in dark blue, red, and black hues
A blue and green painting of abstract shapes
Abstract artwork with a large yellow circle and spidery lines
A beige and grey coloured painting
An orange and red painting with geometric shapes
An artist painting a large yellow, red and green mural
A painting with yellow and green brushstrokes

The Olsen Melbourne

The outside of a white and black hotel
Set on Melbourne's prestigious Chapel Street, The Olsen - Art Series Melbourne offers travellers premier South Yarra accommodation with elegant, spacious suites infused with the lyrical works of revered Australian landscape artist Dr John Olsen.

A breathtaking sculpture greets you on arrival, and large prints adorn all hallways and suites. This boutique South Yarra accommodation is completed by two delicious restaurants. You will be reveling in the Art of Creature Comforts.

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