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The Adnate Perth

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The Adnate Perth

Matt Adnate

Matt Adnate, an artist with dark hair and paint splatters on his clothes, stands in front of a mural

"The best thing about painting portraits is learning about the people I meet, and the country they live in. It takes me to places I never expected to go."

Born in Montrose, Victoria on August 29th, 1984, Matt Adnate immersed himself in urban street culture during his youth, embracing graffiti, music, fashion, and skateboarding.

After completing school, he adopted the name 'Adnate,' inspired by Italian poet Dante Alighieri. His passion for art was ignited.

Adnate's career in street art began when a local Real Estate commissioned him to paint a mural in North Melbourne. This initial project led to further commissions in Carlton's Lygon Street precinct, where he depicted Tuscan landscapes and iconic Italian imagery.

In 2007, Adnate moved to Barcelona, Spain, immersing himself in the city's vibrant street art scene. Collaborating with The AWOL Crew from 2006 to 2014, he produced large-scale murals across Melbourne suburbs, blending abstraction, portraiture, and surrealism.

Adnate's reputation grew, leading to international opportunities in Germany, India, South Africa, and the USA. Throughout his travels, he developed a deep connection with indigenous peoples, incorporating their stories of resilience into his work.

Before painting portraits of First Nations individuals, Adnate consults community elders for guidance, often conducting workshops to empower local artists.

Notable projects include a twenty-story mural in Collingwood, Melbourne, celebrating multiculturalism, and a mega-mural for The Adnate hotel in Perth.

Adnate's work is showcased globally, from the streets of London, Paris, and New York to galleries in Berlin, Barcelona, and Melbourne, reflecting his commitment to cultural exchange and social justice.

A tall building with an art mural down the centre
A painting of a hand with blue and orange brush strokes behind it
A large painting of a man
A stairwell with an abstract painted banister against a wall with a painted mural of faces
A guest reading a book in a hotel room with the curtains open showing a cityscape view
A blue-tinged hotel lobby area with a large portrait on the wall showing a woman

The Adnate Perth

A person walking through a hotel reception area designed in sleet grey and artistic flair
Colourful and soulful, the 250-room hotel is an open invitation of hospitality and discovery, with city views, outdoor pool, restaurant, bar and gym.

In the lobby, two original canvases greet with awe-inducing detail, while two large-scale murals and 650 giclée prints of Adnate’s most-recognised works weave their way throughout. And, as always, our complimentary art tours, in-room art channels and art libraries provide the perfect opportunity to broaden your creative horizons.

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