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The Cullen Melbourne

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The Cullen Melbourne

Adam Cullen

Artist Adam Cullen in a black jacket and black cap

"Endurance is more important than truth."

Born in Sydney in 1965, Adam Cullen's artistic journey began with a passion for drawing, which he cultivated from a young age, contributing cartoons to a local newspaper as a teenager.

Known for his provocative approach, Cullen gained early recognition in the art world by chaining a decomposing pig's head to his ankle for two weeks, marking his association with the Grunge art movement of the early nineties.

Despite initial surprise from his peers, Cullen boldly entered the prestigious Archibald Prize in 1997, ultimately winning in 2000 with his portrait of actor David Wenham.

The artist used a highly personal visual language to address a broad range of topics including crime, masculinity and the relationship between animal and human behaviours. Cullen had a democratic approach to art and would happily merge references to high and low cultural influences in his works.

Much of the work was created post-2000 and consists of paintings executed in a bold pop style with defining features of drip marks, iridescent colours and black outlines. His works skilfully combine irreverent humour with an astute sensitivity to society.

The Cullen, a tribute to his legacy, opened in Melbourne in November 2009. Cullen's diverse body of work has been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally since the 1990s, showcasing his unique blend of irreverent humour and astute societal commentary.

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Artist in a red shirt standing in front of a painting of a rider on his horse
Landscape painting of three figures against a pale blue background
Painting of a horse against a black background
A painting of a bull against a pink background
An abstract painting of a woman and a swan
An abstract painting of Ned Kelly on a hot pink background
A painting of Ned Kelly
A painting of a dog
Painting of a jockey on his horse
A painting of a police officer and a man with a red face
A painting of a policeman on a white horse
Artist Adam Cullen standing in front of his art

The Cullen Melbourne

A man inside an art gallery with a large painting of a horse
Dare to experience a stay at The Cullen - Art Series. Daring and unique, bold and brash this boutique Prahran hotel is inspired by and named after the late Australian artist, Adam Cullen.

With sweeping views of the Melbourne CBD skyline, The Cullen is exceptional. Wake up with all the features at your feet to kick start the day right. Art Series Signature beds for restful slumbers, fully equipped kitchenettes, two exciting restaurants and gymnasium.

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