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The Larwill Melbourne

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The Larwill Melbourne

David Larwill

Artist David Larwill stands in front of a colourful painting

"I just wanted to paint and I wanted people to smile when they looked at my paintings."

David Larwill was a key figure in Australian art, and his work lives on in The Larwill Melbourne. His unique mixture of childlike freshness, simplicity and sophistication established him as one of the leading figurative expressionists in Australia.

Born in Ballarat in 1956, Larwill co-founded Roar Studios in Melbourne's Fitzroy, a cooperative space for artists seeking an alternative to mainstream galleries.

A natural socialiser and influencer, Larwill drew inspiration from CoBrA artists and Australia's Angry Penguins. He rebelled against theory-centered styles, saying ""I just wanted to paint and I wanted people to smile when they looked at my paintings"". Larwill opted for visually exhilarating, spontaneous works infused with tribal influences and graffiti-like slogans, all of which exude a naive charm.

Larwill's style, characterised by grouped figures and geometric balance, evokes diverse emotions and autobiographical narratives. Celebrating the joyous side of life, his works reflect everyday scenes and his passion for Indigenous art while managing to capture insightful socio-political attitudes.

Larwill's art is still exhibited worldwide and translated into tapestries by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop. His pieces remain a significant presence in the art world, with works displayed in prestigious collections like the National Gallery of Australia and the British Museum.

David Larwill was a storyteller, a free spirit who had a name for each painting and a nickname for all.

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An artwork featuring maroon coloured figures and patterns
A painting with a yellow background and two figures
Grouped figures in an abstract painting in reds and whites
A black, white and yellow abstract painting
An art piece with a yellow background and abstract geometric shapes
A blue, red and yellow abstract painting
A painting of grouped figures in browns and reds against a white background
An abstract painting of faces and shapes
Painting of abstract figures and shapes in blues and whites
Two single beds in a hotel room with paintings above each bed
Hotel hallway with cream carpet, charcoal walls, and colourful paintings
A king size bed with an orange blanket and a large abstract painting on the wall

The Larwill Melbourne

A hotel lobby with six colourful paintings on the wall and lounge chairs in the centre
Stay Inspired at The Larwill Studio Melbourne - Art Series, our boutique hotel on Flemington Road in the thriving suburb of Parkville. Just a hop away from the CBD, Melbourne Zoo, Queen Victoria Markets, Flemington Race Track, Melbourne University and a myria d of unique cafes and boutiques, it's an enviable location.

Dedicated to the Australian artist David Larwill, the boutique hotel draws inspiration from his Studio. Bright, playful Larwill works complement the hotel's design and views.

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