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    The Johnson | Wine & Dine

    Tumbling Stone Restaurant and Bar is located at The Johnson, providing modern casual dining for any occasion in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

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17th October 2016

From business lunches to family dinners or a friendly drink after work, Tumbling Stone is a local’s venue serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Their philosophy is no-nonsense delicious dining, with a focus on high quality local produce. They leave no stone unturned, with plenty of small plates to ensure you can try a bit of everything.

Here are our menu favourites:

Undecided between sweet or savoury for your next breakfast? Why not have the best of both worlds with Spiced Pumpkin Hotcakes. 

One of their most requested dishes ... Tender, falling off the bone Braised oxtail with basil, onion & bone marrow beignet.

Tumbling Stone's Blackened belly of Bangalow Sweet Pork is second to none. Paired with the aromatic flavours of chilli, kimchi and finger line, it’s a dish you’ll be sure to remember. 

Refresh your tastebuds with this colourful peach granita, white chocolate mousse and cinnamon sable. 

Subscribe to the Tumbling Stone Diners newsletter to receive special offers and invitations to exclusive events at Tumbling Stone Restaurant & Bar. And if you register as a local before the 30th November 2016, you’ll automatically go in the draw to win a $500 dining voucher – just in time for the festive season.

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