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    This isn't school as you remember it. As the first international outpost for the acclaimed London-founded initiative, The School of Life is a perfect fit for Melbourne's buzzing cultural landscape.

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9th October 2014

Many of our formative experiences happen in school. It’s where we learn to interact with others, to take responsibility for our work, to complete projects and accept criticism and navigate an environment where our parents aren’t often around to help us out. 

When we get older, we generally associate school with tertiary education and further studies. But what about the idea of ‘learning’ itself? Funnily enough, the stuff taught at The School of Life would very rarely appear on a traditional curriculum, but they are the kind of lessons that have far more of an impact on your day-to-day life than trigonometry. Founded by author and philosopher Alain de Botton, The School of Life is designed ‘to give useful insights around the big themes in life’.

Classes cover topics as broad as ‘How to Face Death’ to ‘How to Have Better Conversations’, with each session a chance to think bigger about yourself than usual, and fill your mind with new ideas.

Melbourne marks the 2nd School of Life outpost, following the flagship London school. Sitting at the Spencer Street end of Bourke Street, the campus houses a pint-sized coffee and bookshop well-stocked with mind-broadening reads. It’s not just the classes on offer either, there’s a Philosophy Breakfast Club on Saturdays and a monthly book club.  

If you’re needing a jolt of inspiration, having trouble keeping things in perspective or simply want to broaden your thinking, The School of Life is a worthy Melbourne pit stop for any curious traveller. And whilst there’s only limited spaces left for their Spring term, the full summer program looks set to be a stunner.

Get more info and book tickets on their website.


Feature image from The School of Life Australia on Facebook.

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