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    The time has nearly come to reveal our winner of The Olsen Lovebirds competition. But before we do, let's meet our five fabulous finalists.

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By Natalie Claire King
19th September 2016

Lucy and Chris met on Tinder and while Chris opted to drink a little too much before the first date, he said he still managed to keep up the banter. The two are now happily living together and engaged. 

Andrew and Elle met one evening when they were out with mutual friends. After Andrew bought Elle a drink, the two were pushed together on the dance floor by their not-so-conspicuous friends. After the night ended, Andrew asked for Elle's number, calling straight away to ensure he hadn't been rejected with a fake number. 

Both Andrew and Elle miraculously remembered Elle's outfit on the night they first met.

Sammie and Grant met in high school when Sammie was 16. When her friend asked her to steal Grant away because she wanted to ask his best friend to the deb, Sammie happily obliged. After walking Sammie to class, Grant then walked her home every day after school. Ten years later, they're engaged.

Sarah and Phil met seven years ago when Phil was Sarah's manager at a surf store. The two stayed friends on Facebook and eventually met up again at an Oakley party at the St Kilda Festival. After spending the night on opposite sides of the room, Sarah decided to make the first move and approach Phil. And she's so glad she did now, as Phil proposed to her in June.

The panel tested the two, to see if they know each others' most annoying habits.

Tegan and Andy met when they were both working at Country Road. On Tegan's first day, Andy walked straight up to her and said hello. They slowly got to know each other and later down the track went out for four months, until Tegan went to London for a year. After four or five years of being in separate relationships, Andy broke up with his partner and decided to go travelling. Tegan made contact with him while he was away and the two spoke everyday during Andy's last two months of travel. When Andy returned, it's safe to say, the two were inseparable.  

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