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    In the spirit of No Robe and appreciating the human figure we delve into the age old history of posing nude. Learn how to embrace this fearless and free art form in the style of famous artists over time.

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By Jane O'Neill & Andrew Gaynor | Art Series Hotels Art Curators
16th May 2017

Eduard Manet

Manet’s Olympia is a great pose that screams nonchalance. It requires confidence: stretch along a couch and gently cross legs just at the feet. Be sure to place hand in the right position. Be sure to pick up some hair accessories. Chokers and bracelets work well.

Lucien Freud

Top up on plenty of red wine the night before so that your face is as blotchy as possible. Ditch the gym in favour of a brazen pose, maybe even with a dog? Rat? Arms behind back work well. 

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Pucker up with plenty of lip gloss or rose-hued lip balm and do your best to channel your inner cherub. Works best if your hair is quite frizzy.

Egon Schiele

If your backside is your best side look no further than Egon Schiele. Tilt the head slightly to one side and drape oneself dramatically with a bed sheet.

Vanessa Beecroft

This is a great pose that can be done individually or en masse. For this you’ll need high heels and lots of make-up. Stand assertively with legs apart and hands on hip. The motto for this pose is “runway”.

Ron Mueck

For a nude in the style of Mueck, just put in a gentle reminder to the artist to render every pore and hair as it is on your body.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Buy a long red wig and spend a few nights out in wet weather. Now, try to look totally entranced in between bouts of crippling coughs.

Frida Kahlo

It’s an acquired taste, sure, but if you respond to pain then being depicted by Frida may be the right one for you. Thorns, sweat and the occasional monkey prop will add local colour.

Yoko Ono

Bums. Think bums. And lots more bums. Line up all your bums and film them. That is all. Peace.

Amedeo Modigliani

Full body wax is essential for this one. Maybe some absinthe as well. Lie back and look inscrutable. Hair pulled up may be an advantage.

Jean-Auguste Ingres

Recline gracefully on your side, back turned to view. With your left elbow as support, raise your back and look evenly over your shoulder. The spine is crucial – you’ll need about seven more vertebrae to make your back look this long.

The human body has been a constant source of inspiration throughout history. Art Series Hotel Group is joining the growing movement to celebrate this age-old subject matter and will be exploring all manners of self-expression.

From 1 May to 15 June, we’re asking you to sleepover strike a pose and become the muse of a life drawn masterpiece. Dare to bare it all and experience our No Robe package today.

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