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    Meet the latest artist to join the Art Series family, Zhong Chen. Experience The Art of Joyful Journeys and learn about Chen's life and his influences.

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11th October 2017

1. Born 1969 in Zhongshan, China.

Photo courtesy of 2008 General Office of Zhongshan Municipal Government

2. Attended traditional Chinese calligraphy classes from the age of 12.

Photo courtesy of China Daily

3. Arrived in Australia in 1989, aged 19 and settled in Adelaide.

Photo courtesy of Tourism Australia 2017

4. Attended University of South Australia and graduated with Honours from the Adelaide School of Art in 1995.

Photo courtesy of ART GUIDE AUSTRALIA

5. Won the highly coveted Samstag award, a scholarship to the Chelsea College of Arts in the UK.

Photo courtesy of Pundersons Gardens

6. Influences include Jean Michel Basquiat, Elizabeth Peyton and Gavin Turk.

Photo courtesy of widewalls

7. Works across diverse styles including highly gestural brushwork and gridded compositions.

8. Much of his work explores Chinese Australian identity.

9. Refers to Chinese landscape painting, kung-fu culture, Chinese horoscope and Chinese literature in his work.

10. Proud local resident of Box Hill, excited to welcome the hotel to his vibrant local neighbourhood.

Photo courtesy of Herald Sun
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