Take a little piece of The Art Series home with you – Online art prints, beds & so much more!

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11th September 2018

Did you love your stay at The Johnson? Now you can paint yourself in a little bit of The Art Series with luxurious linen robes, comfy sleepwear, stunning art prints and comfortable beds – delivered straight to your door and into your home.

The Artefacts – A new place to buy art prints online.

Decorate your abode with some of the most treasured Art Series pieces.

The Chen – Abstract artist Zhong Chen boasts a playful and cartoonish style combining contemporary and traditional art and a mix of cultures.

The Cullen – With a pop style and bright colours, Adam Cullen created a sense of humour in his works with topics including crime and animals.

The Johnson – Natural influences, symmetrical patterns, colour and light are all evident in Michael Johnson’s paintings.

The Larwill Studio – A storyteller and free spirit, David Larwill painted his surroundings, from family to the beach to animals, with a somewhat tribal and graffiti style. 

The Olsen – Rivers, flowers, seasons and amphibians, John Olsen celebrated nature by dancing his brush across the canvas.

The Watson – The late Tommy Watson was a Pitjant-jatjara leader and an internationally acclaimed Aboriginal artist using dots and bright colours in a playful and seemingly endless way to celebrate Australia.

Buy your art prints online here

John Olsen “Evening and Passing Wildflowers”
The Johnson “Deep Space” print

Buy hotel beds online! Sleep soundly with AH Beard mattresses

A good night’s sleep doesn’t have to only happen on holidays. Slip into a deep sleep at home with an Art Series Signature Bed. Designed by leading Australian bedding company, AH Beard, the mattresses or mattress ensembles come in a variety of sizes including single mattresses and queen mattresses and are backed with a 10 year guarantee. Sweet dreams!

Shop beds online here

AH Beard king mattress

Sultry sleepwear – Robes, pyjama shorts and more!

Wrap yourself in a little art from The Johnson with a 100% linen Masini & Chern robe. Perfect for hot summer days and balmy summer nights.

Featuring John Olsen’s most popular prints, the exclusive Masini & Chern pyjamas and pyjama shorts can be worn in all seasons and are a stylish accompaniment to any wardrobe.

Buy sleepwear and pyjama shorts here

John Olsen’s Masini & Chern pyjamas
John Olsen’s Masini & Chern pyjama shorts

One-of-a-kind pillow cases featuring inspirational quotes

“If not now, then when?” – John E. Lewis

Rest your head on a little bit of inspiration each night. The Art Series quote pillow cases are creative and fun in a stylish black and white colour scheme. Pick your favourite inspirational quote and buy your bedding online!

Purchase your pillow cases and bedding online here

Pillow case quotes

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