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    Be it sweet or subtle the scent you wear says much about you and can make or break an outfit. Mecca Fragrance Expert Chris Mesh shares his top tips on how to best select the scent for you.

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By Natalie Claire King
30th October 2015

On choosing the right scent:

Fragrance is a true sensory and emotional experience. Smell is the strongest sense connected to memory so you can be transported somewhere instantly through scent. A place, an experience, a person ... all of these memories will bring with them a certain feeling. I encourage customers to connect to a perfume depending on how they want to feel. This feeling will either reflect their personality or a persona they wish to emanate. I say trust your instinct. Usually, the first one you love is the one.

On the top five spring/summer scents this season:

Spring is the time for fresh, full bloomed bouquets and bright, juicy citruses — scents that are reminiscent of new beginnings, as we head towards summer. Right now I love:

Byredo - Inflorescence, Mojave Ghost and Blanche.

Malle - Cologne Indelibile, Lys Mediterranee and En Passant.

Le Labo - Jasmin 17, Bergamote 22 and Lys 41.

Francis Kurkdjian - Aqua Vitae and A La Rose.

Eau D'Italie - Un Bateau Pour Capri

On keeping your fragrance lingering and fresh throughout the day:

To keep your scent full bodied throughout the day, be mindful of where you choose to apply it. Body heat will activate fragrance and keep it from disappearing. Spray the back of the neck, on the chest under clothing and (oddly enough) the back of the knees. These areas stay warm throughout the day and increase the strength of your fragrance. Be mindful that scent lasts longer on hydrated skin so choose a fragrance-free body cream to keep your skin in optimal condition, before applying your fragrance.

You can also spray fragrance on your clothes, as fabric will hold onto the scent very well too.

It is also important to be aware of the strength of your fragrance. An eau de cologne or eau de toilette will not last as long as an eau de parfum or parfum as the concentration of perfume oil is less and will diffuse faster once applied. An eau de parfum or parfum requires less sprays (1-3), as you will achieve the desired strength with less. You can spray more of an eau de cologne or toilette as they are lighter in concentration. But again, it really depends on personal preference.

On weather and how it affects a fragrance:

Weather can definitely affect fragrance in different ways. On a hot, humid day your scent will sometimes smell a lot stronger than usual, as heat will amplify the diffusion of the perfume. It may also last longer as your skin is more hydrated.

Some people prefer to wear a lighter, fresher scent in summer as they want to feel refreshed by their perfume. In winter, they may prefer something richer and more woody or oriental as these types of perfumes evoke warmth. I always encourage customers to wear what feels right for them at the time.

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