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    Health and wellness guru, bike enthusiast and friend of The Cullen, Sarah Wilson shares her tips for keeping fit and fresh when travelling.

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27th January 2015

Journalist, author, blogger, entrepreneur - Sarah Wilson certainly wears many hats. Most prominantly, however, Sarah is a passionate health advocacate who has championed the cause against sugar consumption in her best-sellers 'I Quit Sugar' and 'I Quit Sugar For Life'.

As a fearless individual, it's no surprise Sarah is a friend of The Cullen. We accosted her on a recent sleepover to pick her brain on tips to stay healthy, happy and in-routine when travelling.

When travelling, what do you stick to in your fitness regime and what do you change up?

I'm a big traveller and my work as an author, public speaker and wellness advocate sees me in the air and in hotel beds a good three months of the year. While travelling I stick to my diet but I ease up on my fitness regime because my body is more compromised and responds best to gentle and consistent (i.e. daily) movement. Yoga is a great form of exercise and helps with lymphatic drainage. 

At the end of the day, I see my travel and hotel stays as a wonderful opportunity to focus on my wellbeing. 

I see my travel and hotel stays as a wonderful opportunity to focus on my wellbeing

What are some of your usual summer fitness activities when in Melbourne?

I love exploring Melbourne on my bike, hiking on the cliffs behind Sorrento or taking part in a power yoga class.

Where are your favourite places to ride the bike around Melbourne?

Yes, I love riding through the Tan, or along the Yarra river or down by St Kilda beach. 

Best healthy snacks for a hot summer’s day?

Cucumbers. No cutting required, full of water, cool-as.
Green smoothies. I'm obsessed. I recently launched a Clean 'n' Green Smoothies Cookbook, chock-full of delicious green smoothie recipes.

I may be bias, but I also can say my Aussie Splice Blocks are delicious!

Where do you dine out or pick up ingredients for healthy eating when in Melbourne?

One of my new favourites is Tall Timber on Commercial Road. (So close to The Cullen!) Their menu is packed with densely-nutritious meals. Try their Pumpkin Bruschetta, Poached Eggs with Kale (my favourite) or their Asparagus and Roasted Almonds on Quinoa Toast. This cafe will hit the spot every time. 

In closing, what are your three easy tips to maintain a good nutrient intake when travelling?

It's easy to establish a few practices that ensure you don't fall into the trap of eating cheap, unprocessed foods. Three principles that work for me include: 

1. Maximise nutrition. At every opportunity go for the food with the densest nutritional profile.
2. Don't eat anything you can't identify. I avoid complex-looking sauces, for instance - they invariably contain lots of processed additives and sugar. 
3. Focus on greens. Whenever I can I order an extra serve of vegetables. 

Get more of Sarah's health and wellness know-how in her bestselling book, 'I Quit Sugar For Life'

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