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    The Blackman | Q & A

    Iconic performer Carlotta recently stayed with us at The Blackman, while in Melbourne as an ambassador for Midsumma, Melbourne's annual Queer Celebration.

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By Natalie Claire King
29th January 2016

As an individual who has fought for human rights within the gay, lesbian and transgender community, Carlotta was proud and honoured to be chosen as a Midsumma Champion for a festival that celebrates each individual’s right to express their own diversity.

Carlotta believes the Midsumma Festival is a great way to emphasise the importance of coming out and being true to one’s own sexuality.  

“I’ve always said to people, life’s too short to hideaway and you’ve got to be proud of yourself and be out there, and I think these festivals are wonderful because it brings people together.”

For younger people who are struggling with their sexual identity, Carlotta advises discussing and talking about what they are going through with likeminded people who have been through similar experiences. 

“If you can’t discuss it with your parents, find someone that’s gay and discuss it with them.”

“And write to people like myself. We see too many kids that are trapped and the suicide rates are high, it’s terrible. But it has changed over the years and it has got a lot better.”

The Blackman was thrilled to host Carlotta throughout her stay and even more so to receive such high praise from such an iconic Australian celebrity.

“I absolutely think that hotel is wonderful. The staff couldn’t go anymore out of their way to help me.”

And for fans who would like to see more of Carlotta, you can catch her next show, Carlotta Queen of the Cross, in Brisbane on Sunday 7th February. 

As a loud and proud supporter of the pink market, The Cullen is the ultimate hot spot to host or recover from a night of celebrations. Speaking of which, as a big thank you to those who visited our big, bold and bright marquee this year at Midsumma Festival, we want to sweeten the deal for our new fans. Use the promo code PINK and receive a cheeky 15% off the best available rate*. 

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