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    On Saturday 13 August, The Olsen is giving you the opportunity to join nutritionist & best selling author Jessica Sepel for the ultimate PJ Party. To give you a taste of what to expect, we asked Jessica how she stays motivated to keep healthy, and live a balanced life.

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8th July 2016

Art Series Hotel Group: How did your journey to a balanced, healthy life start?

Jessica Sepel: I’ve always been interested in nutrition, having come from a family that prioritises real, whole foods. In my teenage years and early 20s, though, I developed a negative body image and food was one way to control it. I tortured myself to the point that food was the enemy. It took time, but I realised that hating my body was impacting every aspect of my life. From that point on, I committed to understanding nutrition and how my body works. It shifted my mentality. I studied a Bachelor of Health Science and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine and practiced in clinic while running JSHealth on the side. Now, JSHealth has become my full-time career, and I feel so blessed to wake up every day to a job that I find so fulfilling and motivating.


ASHG: What keeps you motivated to eat well?

JS: I make a conscious decision to fuel my body with delicious, wholesome foods that I know are going to make me feel nourished and well. The ability to have the physical and mental energy to do what I love is something that comes from leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


ASHG: What does ‘eating with balance’ mean to you?

JS: It means eating in moderation and tuning into how our body is feeling. For me, it's about working out exactly what we need to feel nourished and full, but also knowing that a little healthy indulgence, without feeling guilty, is important from time to time.


ASHG: What is your favourite nutritious dish?

JS: Anything with cauliflower — it's my favourite. I use it to make cauliflower rice or mash and it also works great when roasted and tossed through salad.


ASHG: What’s your best go-to snack?

JS: A few brown rice cakes with a smear of almond butter, half a banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


ASHG: What’s is one treat you can’t live without?

JS: As I've become accustomed to eating a diet of wholefoods, my tastebuds have really changed — to the extent that I much prefer having a healthy version of traditional treats. I love the cinnamon scrolls from my local health food shop, Bondi Health Emporium - I have one on a Saturday morning as a weekend treat!


ASHG: Do you have any tips to staying on track when it comes to eating well?

JS: Forgive yourself. We're all human and we all have moments where we may eat a little more than we should or where we overdo it on the indulgence. The most important thing you can do at that moment is to forgive yourself, let go of the guilt and trust that your body can break down the food. The guilt is really worse than anything, so let go and have a little trust — move on with your day knowing you have the ability to make decisions about your food and exercise that are going to keep you healthy and strong.


ASHG: Do you have a favourite quote for healthy living?

JS: "Let go of the guilt around food, and watch your body heal."

​Bring your sister, friend or just your fabulous self to The Olsen's PJ Party for a night of luxury, healthy indulgences and inspiration.

Check-in at 2pm to an elegant Deluxe Studio Suite, where you can raid the mini-bar stocked with nutritious goodies. Settle in for an afternoon of wellness inspiration by key speakers and indulge in a healthy high-tea, provided by Pana Chocolate. Get your endorphin hit at Studio PP for a fun fitness class, which will cater to all fitness levels. Then let the recipes of host Jessica Sepel captivate your appetite and refuel your vitality, as iconic dishes are recreated and served up for dinner. Nestle in for a fun film, showing at the Lake Eyre Penthouse, accompanied by nutritious movie snacks. Finally, wake slowly with breakfast in bed and a late checkout of 1pm.


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