Q&A: Chris Geracitano, Creative Director at Maison Tsumiki

  • Chris Geracitano, Creative Director for Maison Tsumiki


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    Tucked alongside The Cullen, Japenese hairdressing salon and concept studio Maison Tsumiki is the place to go for a cutting-edge cut. Creative Direct Chris Geracitano shares his tips of the trade with us.

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25th February 2015

As the Art Director at Maison Tsumiki, what does your role encompass?

My role is to keep the artistic drive flowing amongst staff so that our guests and industry see what we're up to and enjoy the work and services we provide.

I am a photographer and makeup artist as well, so I like to do a photoshoot once or twice a week to break up the day-to-day hairdressing practice and exposure more of our work at Maison Tsumiki.

You’ve been working in the industry for over 13 years now – how has it changed over time and what have some of your favourite moments been?

Over time, the industry continues to remake and reimagine different eras, but each new trend comes with little tweaks here and there. Certain standards of the industry have changed, there's definitely more focus on the stylist as an artistic individual these days, with much more freedom of expression.

In terms of a favourite moment, it's already thrilling to see my work in a magazine or trade publication. Some of the high profile clients we've had have been fantastic too, my most favourite was working as head hair and makeup alongside Christine Centenara (Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue Australia) for a fashion show.

Tell us about what makes Maison Tsumiki stand out. What are the 3 most important things we should know?

1. Maison Tsumiki's name literally translates to "Building Blocks"; I see this as a focus on building great relationships with our guests and industry.

2. Our multi cultural staff give us an extensive understanding of all different types of hair specialties in colouring and cutting.

3. Casual luxury. The balance of traditional and modern architectural styles in the design of our salons gives that inviting feeling when you walk in the doors. The Japanese / zen influence makes it a really enjoyable and relaxing experience for all.

Maison Tsumiki

Looking ahead to AW15, what key beauty trends should we be looking out for? Big natural waves and texture, and solid cuts.

What are your must-haves for a well-coiffed mane? 

My absolute must-have treatment is a customized Shu Uemura master serum treatment (done in salon). It's the best treatment to revive dull colour, rebuild damaged hair and resurrect dry frizzy hair.

My recommendations would change based on the best at-home care for the guest, but some favourites are the Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy range shampoo , conditioner and treatment. 

For a quicksticks blow dry through to a deluxe treatment, Maison Tsumiki is your best bet when sleeping over at The Cullen. Book in through their website to make sure you snap a place in advance.

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