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    With its sprawling sun deck and decadent glass bottomed pool, The Olsen is our go-to for lazy summer afternoons and the nights that follow. It’s not just the pool itself either. Sure, it’s pretty to look at but there’s plenty more fun to be had. Here’s a bunch of our ideas, no swimming skills required.

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9th September 2014

Snack n’ sunbathe

Melbourne weather is notoriously fickle, so you’ve got to take those stretches of sun when they appear.  Kick back in one of the oversized sun beds and lap up the summer sunshine, then hop down to the pool for a quick dip when it all gets a bit heated. And if you’re feeling too relaxed to head downstairs for refreshments, just call down and get some snacks delivered up to you.

Read an (art) book

Sure, curling up by the fire with a good book is a nice winter pursuit, but curling up with one on a lounge on our sun deck is even better. We’ve stocked each suite with art books to be perused, so pick up a copy and flick through while you keep cool next to the pool. 

People watching

We didn’t go to the trouble of installing our glass bottomed pool just for aesthetics, you know. Looking above and over Chapel Street, the pool provides the perfect angle for some serious people watching. And with the melting pot of cultures from South Yarra, Prahran and Windsor there’s all types to keep you interested.

A sweet sip

Soak in the pool and enjoy a cocktail or two from Spoonbill’s menu. It’s not just the harder stuff either, with fresh juices and mineral waters at the ready for those who prefer to keep it clean.

Stretch it out

With the summer sun above, why not channel your inner yogi and get bendy before a dip? Grab a mat, find a nice spot and let it all stretch out with some yoga flow. Or hop next door for a sweaty gym session and then cool off with a soak after.

Continue the spa fun

With luxurious spa treatments awaiting at Norbu downstairs, there’s not far to go if you want to give your body a relaxing soak after your spa session. Or just grab a sun bed in the cool shade next to the pool and let the good vibes continue...

Water therapy

It’s not just something old people do – water has amazingly restorative benefits. Whether you like to take it old school with laps or muck around with a friend, getting in the water is great for your skin and body health. Our picks? A dip first thing for a summer wake up call or a late night soak to ease off the day.

Get gamey

For those big and little kids who get bored easily, get stuck into a game in and outside the pool. We’ve stocked the sun deck area full of fun things to muck around with on the water and in the sunshine; think old school games and supersized chess!

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