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    Next Wave Festival is Australia’s biennial Festival for the new generation in Australian art, taking place in galleries, theatres, streets, carparks, shopfronts and even gardens across Melbourne from May 5-22. Cleverly programmed into clusters of activity around the city, Next Wave Festival invites you to jump in and immerse yourself in as many projects as possible, as you visit each precinct.

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4th May 2016

If you’re staying at The Larwill Studio, you’re only minutes away from eleven great Festival projects based in and around North Melbourne. Here are our top five insider picks.

1. Admission into the Everyday Sublime
Surrender to the uniquely therapeutic nature of performance as Green Room Award-winning dancer and choreographer Lilian Steiner gently alters time and space in Admission into the Everyday Sublime. Created through studies of alternative medicine and energy therapies, this new dance work is as restorative as it is stimulating, and unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Arts House | 521 Queensberry Street, North Mellbourne | 18-22 May | Book tickets

Image credit: LilianSteiner, Admission Into The Everyday Sublime (2015). Credit: Gregory Lorenzutti.

2. Far From Here

In a video installation of cinematic proportions, video artist Claire Robertson leads her viewers through large-scale, multi-channel projections that capture uninhabited fly-in fly-out mining camps of the Pilbara Region in Far From Here. Returning to the remains of the temporary mining camp located 1651km from Perth that her family called home in the 1980s, Robertson transports her audience into the vast landscape of the Western Australian outback.

Meat Market | 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne | 12-22 May | Free

3. Mummy Dearest
If whip-sharp comedy and deadpan delivery piques your interest, then check out writer, performer and queer-rights activist Annaliese Constable’s Mummy Dearest — a brutally honest take on parenting, childhood and what it’s like to have a mum who once tried to take a swig from a breathalyser. Don’t miss this uncomfortably hilarious tragicomedy about families, addiction, mental illness and magpie attacks — topped off with an unforgettable bar fight, set to pokies music.

Arts House | 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne | 5-21 May | Book tickets

4. One Million Views
Obsessed with celebrities? Addicted to YouTube? Launching themselves into the ultimate battle between IRL and URL, video artists Xanthe Dobbie and Tiyan Baker reach behind Australian webcams to capture six of the nation’s biggest YouTube stars in intimate moving portraits. From the violet-hued world of Melbourne musician Damielou Shavelle to the culinary creations of CakesByChoppA and Shyamali Sinha (Foodie’s Hut), Dobbie and Baker pit their contrasting artistic styles against each other in a series of video portraits, exhibited in shopfronts along North Melbourne’s Errol Street shopping and dining precinct.

North Melbourne Shopfronts | Visit for full list of locations | 5-22 May | Free

Image: Xanthe Dobbie, One Million Views (2016). Credit: Xanthe Dobbie and Tiyan Baker

5. The Horse
One for the music buffs, The Horse is a dark and dreamlike concerto for saxophone, accompanied by violin, cello, electronics and automated instruments. Beginning with equine apparitions found in an MRI scan of composer Dylan Sheridan’s own brain and voyaging through space to the Horsehead Nebula, 1500 light years from Earth, Sheridan takes interstellar data and masterfully turns it into a surreal and immersive musical performance. Traversing scales, spectrums, land, Earth and the universe, Sheridan makes the impossible possible: playing the galaxy; hearing the stars.

Arts House | 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne | 12-21 May | Book tickets

Hero image: Claire Roberston, Far From Here.

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