Make the Most of Melbourne’s Majestic Millinery for This Spring Racing Season


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    Flowers and foliage, headbands or hats, we caught up with the enviable Eternal Headonist to get the goss on this season’s spring racing headwear.

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12th October 2015

Spring racing is such a special time in Melbourne. We’ve all shivered out of winter and the city is collectively excited about the promise of long spring/summer days, holidays, BBQs, Christmas and playing outdoors. But what gets us ladies really excited about the racing season is that we can get really creative with fashion and dress up to the nines with stylish hats and headpieces. Because dressing up is half the fun, when it comes to the races!

At The Eternal Headonist we’re constantly asked about the latest headwear trends, as well as the “dos” and “don’ts” of racing fashion. While we aren’t fans of rules (they’re there to be broken, after all!), there are a few things you need to know about race wear etiquette, as well as a few tips to make sure your headpiece is looking as fetching as ever!

Simply having a cheaply made fascinator with a few feathers hanging off it just won’t cut it these days. 

Race Wear Etiquette

The important thing about dressing for the races is that you’re dressing for the daytime. Therefore, it’s all about structure, sophistication and elegance. This means staying away from short skirts and bare flesh, yet it doesn’t mean boring by any stretch. Get creative with the array of designer dresses our country has on offer and play around with accessories, capes, gloves and handbags to add a touch of glamour and intrigue —  it’s the one time of year you can really go to town with hats and headwear!  

Proving race wear doesn’t mean boring, two of our in store milliners, Angela Menz and Lisa Tan, are the queens of perfecting an original, stylish and elegant race wear look. In 2012, Angela took out the Myer Fashions on the Field title, confirming she knows what’s what, when combining elegance with a unique twist of fun. Lisa’s looks are always delicate, polished and original, and both ladies always wear excellent hats!  

Angela Menz & Lisa Tan. Picture courtesy of On Track On Trend.

Trends for the Season

The last few years have seen an explosion of creativity from the city’s milliners and Melbourne now boasts one of the leading millinery scenes in the world. Simply having a cheaply made fascinator with a few feathers hanging off it just won’t cut it these days. 

As we have some of Australia’s most innovative milliners in our store who are at the forefront of the latest headwear trends, we thought we’d share a summary of some of the key styles we’re seeing emerge from their artistic hands and minds, this racing season.   


Everything is taking on a hint of sparkle this year with gold, rose gold and copper tones being particularly popular. Metallic hues make for great neutrals, allowing you to mix and match them with just about any outfit, as well as conveniently being on trend inside and outside the racing season.  

Copper Matea Crown by Studio ANISS. Picture courtesy of Studio ANISS. RRR $179

Boater Hats

The hat style of the season is undoubtedly the boater, with many milliners and brands creating variations on this classic look. Worn at an angle, it’s sophisticated and ladylike, adding a unique twist to the average hat.

Raffis Boater Hats by Love Lotus. Picture courtesy of Love Lotus Millinery. RRP $745


A little netting over the face has become a big thing this season, with most milliners providing a veiled option in their range. But this season’s veils aren’t gloomy and foreboding, they are light and airy with a hypnotic charm.  

Sophie Veil by Lisa Tan. Picture courtesy of Lisa Tan Milliner. RRP $249

Crowns & Tiaras

This has been a trend that has been bubbling away since last season and really, since the emergence of flower crowns on the scene a few years ago, milliners have been inventing ways to make them different. This season, there are all sorts of abstract versions available with modern millinery materials such as perspex, leather and metals.   

Artemis Halo by Louise Macdonald. Picture courtesy of Louise Macdonald Millinery. RRP $390

Floating Everything!

This year, everything is light as a feather and floating away! Milliners have been taking motifs such as feathers, flowers, birds and even diamonds, giving them space and making them appear to momentarily balance in time — just a blow away from floating off.

Floating Diamond Headpieces by Kim Wiebenga Millinery. Picture courtesy of Kim Wiebeng. RRP $450.

But these are just trends. Remember perfect and timeless headwear is all about angles, confidence and a smile. Putting a hat on at a slant instantly cuts a flattering line against you face and adds a little bit of mystery. Stepping out with poise and a strong smile will ensure you always look your best by the trackside.  

We have a selection of beautiful millinery to top off your racing outfit this season at our online store, The Eternal Headonist and our pop-up store at 220 Commercial Rd, Prahran — just a short walk from The Cullen.  

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