Manscaping: To groom or not to groom


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    What was once seen as a female-only focus, grooming has now become the norm for both genders. Specialising in manscaping, MANKiND together with The Cullen, are helping redefine the rules of beauty.

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By Natalie Claire King
13th May 2016

The Urban Dictionary defines manscaping as, "shaving, waxing and cleaning up the superfluous fur." But that's only the tip of the grooming iceberg when it comes to the options available at MANKiND.

Whether it's an outstanding facial and treatment, beard care, a prepare or repair therapeutic massage or simply swapping the bar for the barber with a chop or reshape, MANKiND offer all your quality grooming essentials.

With treatments starting from $25, whatever the reason for your visit, there’s never a reason to not treat yourself. 

MANKiND are now offering guests at The Cullen a free Uber trip to and from the spa, when you spend $100 or more.

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