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    Fashion, shoes, hair, makeup – oh my! When it comes to the Spring Racing Carnival there are a few things to consider and sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming. But hold your horses, there’s no need for a melt-down. We’ve enlisted the help of Melbourne Racing Club savvy stylist Lana Wilkinson to guide you through curating a fashion forward, yet classy look when trotting towards the track.

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By Natalie Claire King
28th October 2015


For fascinators this racing season, Lana says variations of crowns and veiling are making a mark, while hats are having a comeback. Lana advises if you want to add a touch of edginess to your outfit, do it through millinery with height and/or metallics, putting you at the forefront of fashion. 


With so many incredible pieces and designs to choose from, it can get a little confusing trying to choose what and who to wear for race day. Take note from Lana’s selection of favourite race wear designers, which include Dion Lee, Manning Cartell, Thurley and Carla Zampatti.


"Beauty is pain", is the motto Lana goes by; however, she does suggest a block heel for all day comfort. With stilettos as her personal favourite, she also prefers points to "keep things classy" and lace-up heels as an easy go-to shoe. For affordable yet stylish footwear Lana suggests Wittner, Tony Bianco and Windsor Smith. 



While Lana personally favors a stand out pair of sunnies, she advises they shouldn’t be outlandish in colour but more subtle with a contemporary shape. And it’s important they don’t compete with your millinery. 

Orange is not in.


A big fan of the jumpsuit, Lana says just to make sure they fit and have a flattering silhouette. While playsuits, on the other hand, are a big no-no. Lana’s advice is to keep it classy and pair a jumpsuit with a hat for a striking look.

Baring the mid-riff:

This one is another fashion faux pas from Lana's view, stating it’s been overdone and it’s time to mix it up. Leave this look for the evening and night time outings, Lana advises – it's just not for during the day.

Handbag or clutch:

Whether you’re debating over a shoulder satchel or compact clutch, Lana says your choice should depend on your total outfit. No more than three colours is Lana’s rule of thumb and if it’s looking like it’s too much, it probably is. Lana suggests using metallics as a savvy way to get more run for your money, ensuring your overall look is cohesive and unified.

Hair and makeup:

When it comes to grooming Lana says the key is to make sure you have good contouring, a natural looking tan ("orange is not in") and a sharp looking blow wave. Lana reminds us that it’s important to be mindful of the weather when determining how to wear your hair to have fun with your look. "It’s the one time of year where you can make everything look 100 per cent," says Lana.

The face of the 2015 BMW Caulfield Cup Carnival Emma Notarfrancesco.

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