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    It's an unfortunate fact that when travelling majority of us leave our daily routines behind and slip into unhealthy habits. The Olsen is stepping up to the plate and offering suggestions for our guests to maintain a balanced lifestyle whilst away from home.

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30th April 2015

Take a moment before devouring that burger from room service, skipping breakfast and opting for a takeaway coffee or lying to yourself and thinking that ‘shopping’ is considered adequate daily exercise - being on the road does not give you a reason to lose sight of your wellbeing!  

Instead, get your fill of healthy greens and grains from Spoonbill’s new menu, or sip a smoothie packed with fruit and vegetable to build up your recommended serves per day.

 Being 'on the road' does not give you a reason to lose sight of your wellbeing

Our concierge team has also jumped on the exercise bandwagon (or should we say bicycle), offering up our Olsen bikes to guests as a means of transportation as well as entertainment. Two thumbs up. 

After scoping out the neighbourhood One Hot Yoga is our pick of the bunch, offering guests a way to relax and unwind whilst working up a sweat.  With sessions lead by world class teachers in a beautifully designed state-of-the-art studio, One Hot Yoga has a mix of yoga and Pilates classes ranging in temperature, duration and degree of difficulty.  Plus, as a guest of The Olsen our friends at One Hot Yoga will supply you with a water bottle and towel. (It’s all about who you know here on Chapel St)

Whether it’s upping your water intake, diving into a swim in our pool or hitting the mat at One Hot Yoga, you’ll look and feel better maintaining a healthy routine at home, or in our home away from home.

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