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    Just a stone's throw from our abodes, immerse yourself in some colourful contemporary art at Anna Pappas Gallery.

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11th May 2015

An easy wander from The Cullen or The Olsen, Anna Pappas Gallery is tucked away just off Chapel Street in Prahran and well worth the stroll. With a focus on showcasing both established and emerging talent, there's a good chance you'll uncover the next bright young thing as sourced by Anna and her passionate team. 

Speaking of which, the gallery currently plays host to exhibitions from two bright young things, painter Emma Coulter and interactive artist and animator Troy Innocent. Together, their works infuse the space with a bold, colourful dialogue that spans material and genre.

In her exhibition 'Chrominance', Emma Coulter explores the boundaries of paint as a medium and colour as material. It's vivid, boundary-pushing stuff, with colour-soaked hues dominating the space, leaping from the wall into the physical plane and physically involving you in as a participant, rather than an observer.

Uniting site, colour and space, Coulder deliberately and cleverly controls the experience, and the result is a realm where the imagination can take hold. 

Top image: Emma Coulter, Multichromatic Synesthesia, (detail), 2015, synthetic polymer paint on linen, 151 x 151cm.

Troy Innocent, Delta, laser cut plywood and acrylic, 2014

In the other solo exhibition to be explored, Troy Innocent focuses on the world of code, creating an interactive language that spans output and design and invites you in to explore its mixed reality. 

Titled 'New Abstraction', Innocent plays with the concept of an interactive gallery space, pushing it to new dimensions and creating an ongoing conversation with the gallery itself.  

With a background in Animation and Interactive Media, Innocent is an important voice in digital art and with these new works, offers up a world that explores both human and artificial experiences.  

Anna Pappas Gallery is open Tuesdays - Fridays from 10am-5pm, Saturdays from 11am-5pm and any other time by appointment. You can find it at 2-4 Carlton Street, Prahran. 

Emma Coulter and Troy Innocent's work will be on display until 27th June, including an Open Drinks event on May 15th. We suggest you hop along. 



Images courtesy of the artist and Anna Pappas Gallery

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