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    We love looking after ourselves. We also love fun, cheeky and bold brands, similar to us. So when evo hair combined these two ideas, our minds we're blown and we obviously had to have a slice of the sassy pie. So we gathered our troops, marched in there and demanded for evo products to be available in all guest rooms, as our bathroom amenities. And because we're mind readers, and know you're just as obsessed with evo as we are, we're giving away $500 worth of evo products.

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By Natalie Claire King
23rd September 2016

But before the prize giving can begin, evo have generously provided us with their top four tips to taming your mane. 

1. Cleanse and Hydrate

Cleansing and hydrating the scalp and hair is the most important part of controlling locks that are thick, frizzy or unruly. Hard to manage hair tends to be dry and wiry and often tricky to style, it can also be oily at the roots and dry on the ends. To remove excess build-up and cleanse the scalp, use a cleansing shampoo like evo normal persons followed by a hydrating conditioner like evo therapist that will moisturise, shut the cuticle and give you a balanced canvas to work with.

2. Regular Haircuts

Using the right product is only half the battle when it comes to managing your locks. For easy hair maintenance, a good haircut designed to work with your texture, thin out any excess and bring out the best of your hair is the easiest way to keep it manageable around the clock.

3. The Brush

Brushing your hair is essential for keeping hair manageable. Hair should always be brushed prior to washing to lift any excess skin from the scalp and push out excess oils which can then be washed off. When wet, detangle with a wide tooth comb like evo’s roy before using a paddle brush to dry the hair. You can use a paddle brush like evo’s pete when dry to detangle and refresh. A quick brush in the morning prior to refreshing or styling your hair will remove any knots created during the night. Giving the hair a good brush does more for the health of the scalp than the hair itself.

4. The Styling Products

Styling product that can go into your hair wet and dry will help control hair as soon as you step out of the shower and is an easy way to style unruly hair without taking up too much time. evo’s end doctor will help to condense the hair and shut the cuticle without a heavy or greasy effect. A good curl control product like evo liquid rollers gives a great base to either air dry the hair, dry into shape or diffuse dry. 

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