Drape Yourself in Wearable Art

  • Style and comfort come together, with Michael Johnson's robe.

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    Take home a piece of your great stay, and treat yourself to a Michael Johnson X Masini & Chern robe.

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By Liv Croagh
1st February 2017

Art Series Hotels have mastered the art of relaxation in style. Traditionally, hotel robes are heavy towelling, perfect for those cold Melbourne mornings. But with The Johnson throwing open its doors in tropical Queensland climates, it was quickly concluded that towelling would be more of a burden than a bonus.

With this in mind, the master of pyjamas Masini & Chern found the solution - 100% linen. And if there was a stray from the traditional material, there might as well be a stray from the traditional white. The Johnson's namesake artist Michael Johnson's abstract and textural art would be the perfect fit for the breezy bathrobe.

With that, the luxurious linen robe was created. Perfect for swanning around the suite or prancing around the pool, the robe is lightweight and stylish. Where else would you find wearable art in a hotel?

But the fun doesn't stop at checkout, the robe is available for purchase from Artefacts or The Johnson's minibar.

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