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    There’s no question why Bec & Bridge wanted to show their latest Resort Collection in the Lady Luck Penthouse at The Cullen. Offering plush furnishings, state-of-the-art facilities and sweeping views of the Melbourne skyline, it was “a no brainer” for the fashion brand.

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By Jayde Billett
9th June 2016

Bec & Bridge have officially shared their love for The Cullen declaring, “it gives us a modern and inspiring space to showcase our collections to our clients. We feel so comfortable, spoiled and inspired when we stay and use the spaces”.

And making their buyers comfortable is very important to them.

“The room is open and inviting for our buyers but still feels luxurious and exclusive”. This is a balance Bec & Bridge strive to achieve with every collection, so its only natural the space they use showcases a similar aesthetic.

The Lady Luck Penthouse features natural light and city skyline views, as well as daring design and artwork, bringing the space to life.

Noting the bold artwork by Adam Cullen, Bec & Bridge believe this gives the space a real novelty and is a huge drawcard. 

“Apart from the incomparable views providing the perfect backdrop for our collections, the art and interiors in the space are really unique, which helps us create a point of difference. It’s modern, clean and inviting without being generic, which is fantastic because in our industry, the last thing we want to do is blend in with the status quo”.

The team say clients are met with a sense of awe within the space, noting, “The Cullen is quintessentially Melbourne and manages to capture the city’s essence so that our clients can experience our collections through a special lens”.

Sitting boldly in the eclectic suburb of Prahran, The Cullen is in an ideal position to host convenient, edgy and vibrant events. Playing host to three daringly different venues, Lady Luck and Growler Penthouses and The Cullen Rooftop, the superb location provides sweeping views of Port Phillip Bay and the Melbourne CBD skyline to provide guests with impressive spaces for their events.

For multi-day events or to simply impress, make a night of it and book yourself and your guests in for a sleepover at The Cullen.

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