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    The Fringe Festival returns to Adelaide for 24 days of art, culture and music from February 12 – March 14.

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By Olivia Croagh
9th February 2016

Since 1960, the Adelaide Fringe Festival has played host to a repertoire of local and international guests, performers and artists. Adelaide is set to explode with the world’s second largest, and the southern hemisphere’s largest arts festival.

The fun and festivities kick off with the opening festival on the night of the 13th of February. With over 80 floats, 1,500 artists and a playlist from DJ TR!P, the Fringe Parade will be the most talked about event in Adelaide.

What to see

The streets of Adelaide will come alive with the Street Art Explosion. Colourful and contemporary murals will adorn the walls around the city. And you can download the BlippAR app to create an immersive augmented reality experience when you scan the walls.

Digital Playground is an exciting addition to this year’s Fringe Festival. With the help of virtual reality headsets and Cube by Google’s Creative Lab, you can be transported into a different world – a digital playground.

Along with these highlights there are FRUSIC (Fringe Music), Street Theatre, Desert Fringe, HYBYCOZO (which debuted at Burning Man) to name a few other events guaranteed to keep you busy, entertained and immersed in a unique, cultural experience.

Where to stay

With all the frivolity and fun around Fringe Festival, you’ll need a good place to rest your head. Sleepover at The Watson, just a quick zip down the road from most of the festival venues, and recharge for the next day’s activities.

Hero image credit: Artist Heather Holliday in Limbo and by photographer Tony Virgo.

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