Amy Moylan, Hotel Manager at The Cullen

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17th November 2014

Tell us what you do at Art Series Hotel Group?

I am The Cullen Hotel Manager, I have recently taken up this position as Alicia Brown the General Manager has taken 12 months maternity leave to have a baby. Prior to The Cullen I was the Front Office Manager at The Olsen and prior to that worked as part of the opening team at The Blackman.

Which Art Series artist do you identify with the most?

I love the colour, style, flair and boundary pushing nature of Adam Cullen’s work. I identify with the daring and bold nature of his work and feel energised by the colours he uses to draw your attraction to.

Tell us about your most memorable experience working with Art Series

I have been lucky enough to meet Charles Blackman, John Olsen and Mark Schaller many times now but one of my most memorable experiences was when I was part of The Blackman opening team. On the first week of opening, we had many inquisitive folk come in off the street to ask to see the property.

One evening late at night as I was about to leave to go home, a lovely lady came in off the street and asked me if I could show her around. I said absolutely and as we set off it was clear she was vision impaired so I began to talk to her about the works we were walking past and describe the pieces. As we walked past one and I pointed out the title, she mentioned as we entered the lift, “oh that’s of me.” I didn’t think much of her comment until we entered the room I was taking her to and the official Charles Blackman art documentary was playing. It was then I realised I was with Barbara Blackman, Charles' first wife and muse for the artwork within the hotel and more specifically,The Alice and Wonderland Series.

Ms Blackman was a feature of this documentary and I then invited her to take a seat on the couch while I made her a cup of tea and she listened to the documentary in its entirety. As she watched it, we shared some special conversation; it was such a moment that could never be replicated. The following day I received a lovely letter for her friends thanking me for the time I had spent exploring the hotel with her. It really does go to show you never can guess who will walk through the doors of your hotel or who you will have the opportunity to meet.

What’s your hidden talent? 


Where do you go for a drink in Melbourne?

I love to spend Friday nights at Kent St Bar, which is a little wee bar on Smith St. If the sun is out I will go to The Local just off Brunswick St, as they have a terrific beer garden.

What does your perfect day off look like?

I love to sleep in and have a cuddle with my two puppies, I then take them for a leisurely walk along the Merri Creek in Northcote. I like to follow this with multiple lattes and some Eggs Benedict. The latter half of the day would be nicely rounded off with a catch up and wine with my friends and some Mexican food for dinner.

What are Melbourne’s best-kept secrets?

I am newly converted to the North side of Melbourne and have found a treasure trove of top kept secrets on High St in Northcote.

For a day out think Yarra Bend and the outstanding Heide Museum of Modern Art. These are amazing places to send guests of Melbourne that are not spoken about as much as the big tourist landmark destinations.

Where’s your favourite place to travel?

Abroad, I love the colour, culture and spirit of Mexico. Closer to home I frequently travel on weekends to Tasmania. I find Tasmania to be the perfect weekend retreat for hiring a car and hitting the road and exploring. I have friends in Tasmania and have had the chance for them to share the local secrets of the hot new cafes, restaurants and bars. There are some amazing craft beer places and wineries on offer to discover in Tasmanian and not to mention the fact I have been to MONA Museum of Old and New Art 6 times now! It always gives me a thrill.

What’s always included in your carry-on luggage?

Red Lipstick, charger and some juicy tabloid magazines!

If the tables were turned, what would your stay at The Cullen include?

Movies, popcorn and room service from the fabulous Gramercy Bistro, namely the Reuben sandwich. Anyone that knows me knows I love a good night in more than anybody. What a great place to watch some movies over popcorn and some Ben and Jerry’s room service ice cream than in a king size Art Series signature bed! – Bliss!

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