A Different Kind of Room Service


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    Throughout 2013 we hosted some of Mushroom's most exciting acts such as The Rubens, Adalita and Cloud Control at our Melbourne outposts, recording an intimate set with each artist as they shared their tunes with us.

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4th June 2014

The result? A five-part video series called 'Room Service'. We had a blast playing 'Live Lounge' to these talented locals, and we look forward to doing it all again soon. Watch this space. 

Adalita: "Trust Is Rust" and "He Wrote"

As one of the grand-dames of Australian alternative rock, Adalita was a match made in heaven for our ragged darling The Cullen. Raw and unplugged, we got lost in Adalita's words and hypnotic guitar strumming at The Growler Penthouse.

Little Green Cars: "My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me" and "The John Wayne" 

Go on, let those harmonies wash over you a minute. This group of young guns have an edgy style that floats through maturity and innocence at the same time - not an easy thing to pull off. Oh, and their voices are pretty spesh, too.

Cloud Control: "Dojo Rising" and "Dream Cave"

Some of Australia's brightest young things formed a band, and that band was called Cloud Control. Just the right dreamy, hazy match for The Blackman, they charmed the pants of us in just two songs.

British India: "I Can Make You Love Me" and "Cutting Myself"

Combining the familiar strains of "I Can Make You Love Me" with the previously unreleased "Cutting Myself", British India prove they've got plenty of arsenal up their sleeve when it comes to a distinctive sound. Oh, and they have a lot of fun too - we think they fitted in just fine at The Cullen.

The Rubens: "Lay It Down" and "My Gun"

Coming off a career-changing year in 2012, these lads were in fine form performing two of their biggest hits under our roof at The Olsen. Whilst they might be well-known for their full, guitar-driven sound, the acoustic sounds go down just as well.

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