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    This month we wish to celebrate the milestone ten-year tenure of our in-house art curator, Jane O’Neill. Her early career coincided with the era of Grunge Art in Sydney in the early nineties and so she had the opportunity to work closely with Adam Cullen during a highly productive time in his career.

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By Art Series Hotels
28th June 2019

A career in freelance curating unfolded and in 2009, upon hearing that Adam was to have a hotel in his name, a congratulatory call and longstanding relationship was the springboard for her role with Art Series Hotels. A key part of Jane’s role is to activate the works in the hotels by educating staff about the artists and their works.

The lively education program which includes tour workshops and excursions has nurtured a passionate team who are encouraged to interpret and embrace art on their own terms. Ultimately, the program has demonstrated strong engagement by hotel employees, excited to share their learning about the artist to guests during their stay. In addition, staff are encouraged to share tips about relevant exhibitions and performances for guests who are inspired to broaden their cultural experience.

“It’s been an unexpected but very rewarding experience to work with the Art Series Hotels during the last ten years and it is heartening to see a company that recognizes the value of cultural engagement for both staff and guests. I feel optimistic that the brand will continue to provide opportunities for artists and to refine the presentation of a high standard of art. Most of all though– I’ve loved learning from the staff at the hotels, who always have a strong awareness of others and generally can tell great stories about what happens behind the scenes!” - Jane O’Neill

Another career highlight is yet to come, with a timely and exciting initiative to be unveiled in coming weeks. Watch this space!

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