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    The Olsen's Chief Concierge Paul Rumpff is a man about town - not only lending a helping hand under our roof but always on top of what's new, noteworthy and interesting in Melbourne. If Paul recommends a great local restaurant or bar it’s likely he’s already scoped it out on his day off. Find out more of Paul’s tips in our chat with him below...

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23rd July 2014

Tell us what you do at Art Series Hotel Group?

As Chief Concierge for the Art Series Hotel Group my job consists of being in charge of all the guest services at The Olsen Hotel. For example, I organise and arrange trips, tours, interpreters, restaurant recommendations and reservations, and sightseeing for guests while also taking care of the essentials such as arriving guests, courier items and luggage. As Chief Concierge it’s also important that I train my concierge colleagues.

A concierge, no matter what his level, must be very good at customer relations because guests must always feel appreciated, welcomed and taken care of.

Which Art Series artist do you identify with the most?

John Olsen, after meeting John a few times he’s full of energy (even at his age!) and motivation. John was a very friendly person to meet and his presence was immediately felt in the lobby. This presence is something I aim to achieve each day in the hotel lobby as a concierge.

Tell us about your most memorable experience working with Art Series

Celebrating. The people we have working for Art Series know how to party. Luckily we all enjoy each other’s company, so our team events are always fun. 

Do you have a hidden talent?

I think of myself as a good connoisseur of craft beer.

Where’s your favourite place to eat in Melbourne?

Il Solito Posto, A little rustic Italian restaurant in the city that serves some of the best comfort food in Melbourne. 

What does your perfect day off look like?

A very 'Melbourne' cultured day - A local coffee at Pope Joan in North Fitzroy and reading up what’s happening in Melbourne via various blogs, newspaper articles or magazines. Usually followed by some sort of tourist activity (with my camera) -whether it’s visiting the gallery, aquarium, zoo, museum, a new restaurant venue to hit Melbourne, or even a road trip. Later on I’ll catch up with some hospitality friends at Gin Palace to find out the “goss” of what they know is changing or new in Melbourne.

What are Melbourne’s best-kept secrets?

Restaurants/bars with no door signage. You only know it’s there through word of mouth.

What’s always included in your carry-on luggage?

My Nikon camera – see some of my photography here!

If the tables were turned, what would your stay at The Olsen include?

“The Works”! Hopefully our General Manager gives me a nice room… Sleep in, brunch nearby and dinner or drinks in Spoonbill. Honestly, Russell and the Spoonbill team serve up some of the best food I have ever seen across all the hotels I have worked for and travelled to – and that’s saying something!

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