The Overstay Checkout


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Why do hotels make you checkout at 10am if the next guest's not arriving until 6pm? What if no one's booked in for the next night? Why do you have to checkout at all?

Hate having to check out of your hotel room early with nowhere to go? 

From July 16 until September 19, 2018, Art Series Hotels will offer guests the chance to stay for free – as long as no one else has booked their room.  Now forming part of Mantra Hotels, Art Series is bringing back its hugely popular World’s Latest Checkout to encourage guests to overstay their booking.  A world-first when offered in 2012, the initiative all depends on how full the hotel is for the night ahead or when the next guest checks in.

Whether it’s to stay curled up in an Art Series Signature bed, to enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the adjoining restaurants or a pampering spa experience, guests can call reception between 8am and 10am to request changing their check out time to 1pm, 3pm, early evening, or even the next day.

If no one is booked into the room, guests can make the most of their getaway and continue to enjoy the art inspired surroundings for longer. And it doesn’t stop there, they can keep trying their luck each morning until the next guest checks in.



Stay a night at a participating Art Series Hotel and on the morning of your depature, call reception and request an Overstay Checkout. We'll let you know exactly how late you can leave — it could be 1pm, 3pm or even the next day. It all depends on when our next guests are set to arrive. If no one checks in, you don't check out.

Now for the really good news. there are no limits to how many times in a row you can overstay.

So if you do receive a free night, call reception again the next morning and you could end up staying again. And again. And again, for FREE. Who knows, you might end up overstaying for a week.

It's revolutionary. It makes sense. It's the way we think at Art Series Hotels.



Book a room with us and stay between 16th July 2018 and 19th September 2018, call reception between 8am – 10am and request an Overstay Checkout. Pretty easy really.

Remember though, it’s first in, best dressed. We give the longest Overstay Checkouts available to the first guests who request them each day.


Overstay. You’re welcome.