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    Mindfulness powerhouse Jacqui Lewis brings The Broad Place to Melbourne for a series of workshops and sessions this April, setting up at the top of The Olsen.

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25th March 2015

Like a regular routine, travel can span from relaxing retreat to a fast-paced adventure. 
Just as with our ‘normal’ lives then, sometimes you gotta stop and smell the roses. A fast-paced existence might sound like the productive approach but at some point it gets a bit much; maybe too many late nights, early mornings or working on the weekend. Yes, whether you’re travelling the globe or just canvassing the day-to-day, time out is not just important, but essential.

This is where Jacqui Lewis, educator, facilitator and speaker on clarity and high grade living, comes in. Jac teaches Vedic Meditation, Clarity Session guided meditations, hosts retreats and runs a host of workshops and talks centred around tools and practices for modern living. More specifically, she’s a powerhouse in helping people become more creative, grounded, healthier and happier through mindfulness.

At Art Series, of course we’re big fans of taking time out to focus and reinvigorate; it’s a common reason for travel and an essential part of mind and body health. We’re also big fans of Jac’s project The Broad Place, and are thrilled to be hosting her upcoming Melbourne education program at The Olsen; comprising of a 4 day course in Vedic Meditation, personal mentoring sessions, and the High Grade Living Workshop; an afternoon of discussions on authenticity, integrity and the notion of ‘High Grade Living’ (and featuring none other than yours truly, Art Series Hotels).

Teacher, writer & speaker Jac Lewis & creative director Arran Russell.

On the partnership, she said “Having stayed at the Art Series Hotels over the years, I was thrilled to get to know the team behind the group last year. The Broad Place and Art Series have strong alignments in regards to authenticity, integrity and in having the highest grade in clear focus at all times. It made perfect sense for The Broad Place to collaborate with Art Series to host a series of courses on Vedic Meditation and workshops on High Grade Living, combining ancient practice and knowledge for modern living, in the stunning Olsen Penthouse over 2015"


Wed 29th April; 6.30pm Free Intro Session on Vedic Meditation (prior to the course start the following day and upcoming courses later in the year)

Thurs 30th April; Morning and midday private one on one Private Mentoring Sessions with Jacqui for 1 hour-long each (By appointment only)

Thurs 30th April – Sun 3rd May; 4-Day Course in Vedic Meditation at The Olsen Penthouse

Sat 2nd May; 8am Group Vedic Meditation Meeting (open to all Vedic Meditators) in the Olsen Penthouse

Sat 2nd May; 2pm-4.30pm High Grade Living workshop featuring Greene Street Juices, Liefje Chocolates and Art Series Hotels 

Sun 3rd May; Afternoon private one on one Private Mentoring Sessions 1 hour long each (By appointment only)

Want to win a ticket to the High Grade Living workshop? Email us and tell us what 'high grade living' means to you in 25 words or less.

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