John Olsen’s 90th Birthday

  • John Olsen's 90th Birthday

    The Olsen

    We were delighted to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of our namesake artists on Friday 16th of February. It was a magical feeling to have John in-house at The Olsen. Thank you to all of the special guests that attended in particular Michael Johnson, a fellow Art Series’ artist (The Johnson, Brisbane). We hope you had a terrific birthday John.

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By Art Series Hotels
23rd February 2018

Frog Cake
John Olsen
John Olsen
Tim Olsen, Sophie Tedmanson, John Olsen, Louise Olsen
John Olsen, Tomas Johnsson
Michael Johnson, John Olsen, Jan Senbergs, Jeff Makin
Tim Olsen, John Olsen, Louise Olsen
Will Deague, John Olsen, David Deague
Jenny Zimmer, Tanya Buchanan, Ryan Tuckerman
Sophie Tedmanson, Tomas Johnsson
Table setting
Table setting
Table setting
Table setting
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