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    P Johnson is a custom men's tailor specialising in soft, supple and ultra-light tailoring aiming to make suiting relevant and highly wearable in all contexts. Learn about The Art Of Suiting from one of the best in the biz.

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31st May 2017

The team at P Johnson Tailors have a dedicated su misura workshop in Tuscany giving them the ability to create clothing for the individual and to build wardrobes that truly reflect the wearer. All effort in construction aims at creating something beautiful, something comfortable and something strong.

Working with the best weavers in Biella they build unique ranges of cloth to suit all needs. Classic tailoring techniques combined with the best technical developments in cloth and construction means P Johnson is always pushing tailoring forward to make versatile wardrobes for both work and pleasure.

When you combine a perfectly fitting garment, a high quality fabric and a classic design you will ensure your suits longevity and comfort. You should be able wear a suit in the same way that you wear pyjamas, unconsciously. A perfect suit is a true reflection of the wearer; your tailor will work with you to find a cloth and design that will be perfect for your needs.

You can find their stores in Sydney, Melbourne, New York (including a shop-in-shop at Barneys Downtown), and they've just added London to the lineup. 

With a cult following and star clients such as Bill Henson and Client Liason, P Johnson Tailors are recognised worldwide and know how to cater for creatives. 

View the P Johnson Brisbane Trunk Show at The Johnson on June 6 & 7 where their tailors will be conducting consultations and fittings. To secure an appointment email To book your stay at The Johnson email reservations or call +61 7 3085 7200

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