Art Series Hotel Group


    Think you're the perfect hotel guest? Stay and request to be reviewed at any of our hotels from April 17 until May 31. Get five stars and get a free night to stay again. But be warned, if you misbehave…everyone will know.


    Discover Bendigo Art Gallery's 'Imagining Ned' exhibition when you sleepover at The Schaller Studio. We've bundled up a package for an inspired weekend in Bendigo.


    Dream a little Art Series dream at home and sleep as soundly as you do under our roof with an Art Series Signature Bed. Buy one of our beds between now and the 30th of June and we’ll give you a voucher to sleepover with us.


    In just over a few months since doors opened we've taken one of the top possies on TripAdvisor and are now ranked in the top 5 of all hotels in Melbourne. Find out what the fuss is about and book a sleepover at Melbourne's best hotel from just $155 a night.


    We invite you to be passionate, quirky, vibrant, adventurous and authentic. Inspire and be inspired by your surrounds. Let the life and art of our artist’s help you to Find Your Inner Muse.

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Well hello there, welcome to Art Series Hotel Group

Inspired by and dedicated to Australian contemporary artists, Art Series Hotel Group offers a hotel experience a little extraordinary.  Located in the hottest art and cultural hubs, the boutique hotels and Residences are currently found in Melbourne, Bendigo and Adelaide.

Each hotel takes design inspiration from the namesake artist.  With original artworks and prints adorning the walls and halls, the multifaceted art inspired experience is complete with dedicated art channels, art libraries, art tours and art utensils on supply.

Boasting personalized service and sophisticated style, all suites showcase up-to-the-minute comforts and technology with Art Series signature bedding to ensure the sweetest of sleeps. Experience an extraordinary stay with Art Series Hotel Group.



South Australia